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GameForce 3.5inch 640×480 4:3 IPS

Now here we have a hot device called the GameForce a brief specification below due to change as the device is still WIP. I have close contact with the Author so more news on this one soon as i get more information.

GameForce 3.5inch 640×480 4:3 IPS display

Dual analogue sticks (or maybe sliders)

Dedicated hardware buttons for volume

Dedicated Start and Select buttons

Dual front facing stereo speakers

R1/L1 as well as R2/L2 triggers

Dedicated Home button (perhaps indicates that Android was considered for this handheld at some point)

Currently runs either EmuELEC or Retrobox.

CPU RK3326 + built in WiFi,

3 to 4 colours planned.

Battery between 2500-3000mah

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