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Here is my mini review of the GKD350H Metal V2 customised by Gamecase

Updated: Sep 28, 2020


GKD-350H Metal V2 SCREEN:3.5 inch IPS (320x240)

SOC:Ingenic X1830

CPU:1.5-1.9 GHz Single-Core MIPS XBurst1

GPU:Custom 2D only


STORAGE: 16GB + ext. MicroSD

BATTERY: 4000mAh

Here is my mini review of the GKD350H Metal V2 customised by Gamecase

Meet the GKD350H Metal V2 this is a updated customised version from Gamecase.The first metal version was quite heavy and square let's take a quick look at the changes below. Being lighter than the first generation metal shell case this new one has relatively rounded edges and much more comfortable to hold and play. The L1L2 R1R2 Metal buttons press feel has improved immensely for your gaming experience also now with GKD350H original ABXY buttons they feel much better than metal buttons. Now a upgraded battery from the stock 2300mAh battery to a huge 4000mah battery for much longer game play. You can also choose to upgrade the analog stick to a PSVita analog stick this is optional when purchasing.

Customized Specification

Ozone o3 Metal Aluminium Shell Case.

L1L2 R1R2 Kits come with converter board and Metal L1R1 L2R2 buttons.

Original GKD350H ABXY PSX Style buttons.

Upgraded original battery capacity from 2300mah to 4000mah battery.

Black or Silver Color Metal Shell Case with Silver (scratch proof Glass Screen lens).


The device itself when held feels great in the hands and still has some satisfying weight to it but not to heavy. The sd card slot has now been moved to the top of the device for easy access thumbs up there with the original GKD350H you had to remove the battery to access it . The L1 R1 L2 R2 buttons have a great clicky feel to them it's kind of a satisfying click feel and respond very well to the key press. The power button is on the top along with the micro usb port and the headphone jack you have your LED lights on the front just below the analog stick orange green flashing for charged full & status red will be low battery a useful indicator when to charge the devices battery. Controls

Let's take a look at the front of the device you have your dpad It dont feel to mushy or hard i think it's perfect the diagonals are good too i tested a few shooting games to check the accuracy the dpad responded well and accurately as it should do. The buttons also feel great not to mushy and have a good press feel to them i had no issues here they again felt accurate to the touch and no sticky buttons here. Now here is the featured part of the device if you wish you can swap out the standard joystick to a PS Vita Analog Stick upgrade (and trust me you going to wanna do this ). If you have owned or used a psvita need i say anymore it's extremely accurate and feels much better over the standard GKD350H stick which quite honestly is not very good at all. From my testing the psvita stick works in most games that support the stick i had no issues here in my testing. So if your deciding over the standard or the upgrade i would go for the upgrade if your going to use the stick mostly in games. Performance and gameplay Well we all know the GKD350H its a closed source device but with a growing software catalogue which are mostly ports from the RG350 there are some good releases in our discord RGhandhelds the specs of the device i have listed below.

GKD-350H Metal V2

SCREEN:3.5 inch IPS (320x240)

SOC:Ingenic X1830

CPU:1.5-1.9 GHz Single-Core MIPS XBurst1

GPU:Custom 2D only


STORAGE: 16GB + ext. MicroSD

BATTERY: 4000mAh We all know the performance of the GKD350H device in psx its amazing along with fba and other emulators mostly in less 3d intensive games as this device doesn't have a dedicated GPU but that dont stop it from playing well. In my testing Tekken 3 gets a solid 60fps this will vary on PAL or NTSC versions also many more games run very well but don't expect N64 or dreamcast with this device your need to look elsewhere for that. So if your looking to play up to PSX and this is all you are going to play with this is a great choice.The firmware is the latest and current for English which i have actually personally translated this firmware myself a while ago and sent it to GKD350H but depending on your regions i guess your get chinese or English. Please note other languages can be selected from within the device in gmenu2x.


*Amazing feel to the device.

*The best analog stick if getting the ps vita upgrade.

*Super long battery life when gaming. *Scratch proof glass

*SD card accessible from the top no need to remove battery.

*Great clicky L1 L2 R1 R2 buttons

*Good D'Pad and buttons


*No dedicated GPU

*Closed source may become open source in the future.

*No Type C port would have been nice.

What's in the box

GKD350H Metal Console x 1

unit Charging Cable x 1

32GB TF-Card x 1

Service Menu x 1

Final verdict

The GKD350H from game case is a premium device if you want to simply have the best he has done a amazing job to transform the stock device to the device you see a lot of work has gone into doing this. The ps vita joystick alone is a huge task of replacing some resistors and solder around 8-9 wires. If your after a premium feeling device but only up to PSX if that's what you play then this is the device for you. But if you're looking for a powerhouse of a device for intensive 3d gaming look elsewhere. The GKD350H has a already growing collection of games and apps and good community support so i would say a all round good solid device for the collection thank you for taking the time in reading this review and a huge thanks to @alwaysbefun for sending the sample review device to me.

Quick unboxing video here

Buy here

Gameplay videos below you will find some videos so you can see the performance of the device.

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