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Here is my mini review of the ZPG PRO Metal

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Specification Z-Pocket Pro

Screen: 3.5inch 480x320 IPS

CPU: Rockchip RK3326 (Quad-Core ARM 64bit Cortex-A35 1.3GHz) Ubuntu 18.04,Mali-G31 RAM:1GB (DDR3)

Storage: MicroSD

Battery: Li-Polymer 2800 mAh,

Here it is the ZPG PRO lets take a look at the device firstly i have to say is what a amazing premium device this really is the moment i took it out the box instantly i was impressed. The quality in the metal shell Is solid and smooth and has a perfect weight not to heavy or not too lite its a perfect balance. Edges are round but its the quality of the metal it feels extremely premium as i have a few metal devices this one is definitely on top. Controls feel good both the dpad and stick as do the buttons on the device screen is clear and vibrant with OCA tempered glass meaning it is more scratch resistant. We have a type C port on the top of the device along with a headphone jack, micro SD card slot and a HDMI port which is not in a working state yet but i am sure once source code is released for the device this will get enabled.

Performance and gameplay

Software on the ZPG PRO is still work in progress and is getting better on each release i was sent the newer stock EmuELEC v3.6 for testing it worked well on the sample unit i have. I tested some Dream-cast games most ran very well indeed i will post further videos below so you can see performance on certain emulators they will be available soon. Software wise the SPI is locked to EmuELEC for now no other OS seems to work inc RRVI but that will change soon as it has been confirmed that source code will now be released for this device shortly which will open the device up to all the other great OS ports on the device. For now your need to stay with EmuELEC or they are also releasing a newer OS of their own which has a fronted of Gmenu i will have this software available soon and will be posted in the discord releases channel. Performance on the device was very impressive considering the software is in early stages there were a few glitches with bad calibration on the stick but this has got better on the V2 software i used i loaded up a load of games on different systems and i was impressed that it played anything i threw at it without issues. It will be very interesting once other OS ports get ported over and how performance improves i have very high hopes for this device and have a good feeling it will be quite successful.

As you can see from the pic above it has the RK3326 SOC there was some speculation that it was using another soc but you can see for your self this is a good performing soc but people who were expecting something more will be disappointed. This will play mostly up to dreamcast,N64,PSP pretty well.


*Amazing premium feel to the device.

*Scratch proof glass

*SD card accessible from the top no need to remove battery.

*Type C port


*Needs other software to be allowed to run on it.

*Lack of wi-fi but next batch should have it.

What's in the box

ZPG PRO Metal Console x 1 unit

Charging Cable x 1

32GB TF-Card x 1

Service Menu x 1

Final verdict

The ZPG PRO is a device to watch very closely is has pure quality and class that has not been shown in these type of devices until only recently RK2020 has attempted it but that device has flaws. Not saying this device don't have any too since the wi-fi was removed due to issues but have been told it will be back in further batches but from my early sample device i like what i see and see good potential in this device plenty of room for improvement but it has a great design and great quality to back it up. So if your after a super slick OGA killer look no further this is the device to beat as far as i am concerned with all these OGA clones coming out into the market its been flooded with them but some always fall short but not this one its hit the mark and raised the bar on quality handhelds thank you to @alwaysbefun for sending me this review sample and thanks to the community for taking the time to read the review. Buy here code for 10% off for discord members RGHDISCORD

Quick unboxing video here

Gameplay videos below you will find some videos so you can see the performance

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