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N+ Digi Dock V1 Pi4 inside

Here today we have the very rare to find item firstly a Huge thanks to the creator of this device (Winfield) for sending out the sample It has been upgraded from a Pi3b to a Pi4 since they were only released in Pi3b variations. It runs Retropie out the box and pretty much will run other OS of your choice that a pie4 can run. This was actually released at the start of 2020 but in low quantity since they are all handmade custom build with their own serial number on the back. However the newer Digi dock v2 which i will add the links below will be released very soon watch out for a review here soon hit that subscribe button to be informed when it’s available. This time sales will be open internationally the first run has sold out but there will be more soon enjoy this Digi Dock v1 video its a very capable device :)

Huge thanks to the creator of this device (Winfield)

And huge thanks to Alwaysbefun for his help getting the device

Official Digi Dock 2

You can buy here Digi Dock V2

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N+ Digi Dock Pi3 3b Pi4B variations Screen: 5.0 inch IPS 800 x 480 CPU:Cortex-A53 Quad Core 1.4 GHz, Android,RetroPie,Windows RAM: 1 GB DDR2 Storage: External MicroSD Battery: 10000mah

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