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PowKiddy V90

So here we have the V90 device from PowKiddy they seem to be rolling out the handhelds by the bucketload recently. This is basically a pocketgoV1 in a GBA SP shell and a great job they did of it too. Checkout the specs below and the review we are currently working on a updated cfw v1.3.3 which is in beta testing and will be available for the pocketgov1,V90,Q90 devices then bittboy devices to follow. As always you can check out our discord channel for the latest discussions on all the devices have fun.

PowKiddy V90

SCREEN:3.0 inch IPS (320x240) SOC:Allwinner F1C100S CPU:533-798 MHz Single-Core ARM926-EJS GPU:Custom 2D only RAM:32 MB SD RAM Storage:ext. MicroSD BATTERY:1020mAh ,

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