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RetroFW v2.2 upgrade pack

I have made a upgrade pack for latest RetroFW v2.2 this is basically every release packed into a update pack. Instalation is simple first make sure you have flashed your required RetroFW v2.2 on your hardware device link here then after this is done simply copy the contents upgrade pack on the root of the sd card overwriting everything or you may delete everything first from the sd root and then copy the pack in its place.thank you for each and every developer too many to list here for creating these games and apps and skins this is a nice way for all that hard work to be shown off in one nice update pack thank you all developers & thanks to all the community. Download link Credits & Contributors a special thanks to Ping_flood & s4i :) A big thank you to all the contributors for providing the firmware’s,& app games, Also a big thank you to all the amazing community members. Firmware developers, contributors, discord members: Pingflood, StewardFu, TonyJih, Sauce, Podulator, Hiban, Sukrow, Dimitry, JohnnyonFlame, pucuei, JamesOFarell, JBDoge, Jbanes, Soarqin, Jack, Scooterpsu, crait, glebm, Phlogios, Fontes, S4i, Segich, simpleasy, koroneo, vamastah, SantX27, dee, vincent, byteporter, countdukula, FGL82, s4i, 2TMAU5, jovonna772, napaldin2000, The One xmas, qbertaddict, msx, Caleb, Ninoh-FOX, Christian, Haitian, madpinger, upcboy, gibberish, thegreatcrippeler, sarge, blackz1982, Redbug, Thebabyeater, uncletrunks, phawx, DOAbarrelroll, GreenMan36, Nosh(aka, BytePorter, Handa, Zuke), Xarvex, Leachim6, Triforce, LadyAmygdala, superpuissant, dee, koroneo, Roast, Dmm1138, Alexai, Benob, JackD8格, SantX27, peterthrees, madjester, da1writer, WenTao, Turtle, ToTo, dElAvA, m1024, Taki, Nebuleon, ARZEON, Sotz, peter.colemonts, Mangy_Dog, LV426, DJemergency, JohnnyLiy(JL), salt, Smeltie, planet, , Skelton.

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