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    Hi Jutleys here, I have been into Retro handhelds since the GP2X days. I decided to create the website you all know to and now the more current revamped one here (thanks to GreenMan36). The main aim is to be able to download CFW for your handhelds we work with a dedicated team of developers & the community all around the globe to bring you the firmware's to flash to your devices. There's no denying Retro Game Handhelds is booming and that's all thanks to all of you guys.

    On this site you will find the latest custom handheld firmwares and how to install the custom firmware. As well as specs on all kinds of devices and also a web shop will be added in the near future! Links to the forum and other sites are also at the top of the page.

    On the forum you will be able to find posts from the community, but the best way to stay in touch is to join the Discord we have our own discord Retrogamehandhelds for the best support for all devices old or new go ahead and check it out just click on the discord link.

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site please contact us using the form that you will see after pressing the button below or if you have any other questions contact us.

  • Credits & Contributors

    A big thank you to all the contributors for providing the firmware’s, helping with the website and managing the Discord. Also a big thank you to all the amazing community members.

    Firmware developers, contributors, discord members:

    Pingflood, StewardFu, TonyJih, Sauce, Podulator, Hiban, Sukrow, Dimitry, JohnnyonFlame, pucuei, JamesOFarell, JBDoge, Jbanes, Soarqin, Jack, Scooterpsu, crait, glebm, Phlogios, Fontes, S4i, Segich, simpleasy, koroneo, vamastah, SantX27, dee, vincent, byteporter, countdukula, FGL82, s4i, 2TMAU5, jovonna772, napaldin2000, The One xmas, qbertaddict, msx, Caleb, Ninoh-FOX, Christian, Haitian, madpinger, upcboy, gibberish, thegreatcrippeler, sarge, blackz1982, Redbug, Thebabyeater, uncletrunks, phawx, DOAbarrelroll, GreenMan36, Nosh(aka, BytePorter, Handa, Zuke), Xarvex, Leachim6, Triforce, LadyAmygdala, superpuissant, dee, koroneo, Roast, Dmm1138, Alexai, Benob, JackD8格, SantX27, peterthrees, madjester, da1writer, WenTao, Turtle, ToTo, dElAvA, m1024, Taki, Nebuleon, ARZEON, Sotz, peter.colemonts, Mangy_Dog, LV426, DJemergency, JohnnyLiy(JL), salt, Smeltie, GPDKendyz, planet, Pierre, Skelton.

    Resellers, producers, companies, brands, Server hosters.

    Retroflag, Bittboy, retrogame, PowKiddy, waveshare, odroid, Anbernic, gameshell, pocketsprite, LCLpiboy, Arduboy, Freeplay, 1upPix, Retrostone, MGSP, Gamepi, Lyra, Digidock, LDK, AIWO, Ragebee, Superretro, 17pocketsystem, zpocketgame, Nvidia, DroidX, Rertromimi, funnyplaying.com, Ozur-kazancci, Leachim6, Gibberish, Npaladin2000, ModMyClassic, our affiliates and more.

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