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  • We consider retro devices to be devices that are capable of emulating devices such as the Gameboy, N64, PS and others using base firmware like Opendingux, Linux, NxHope, RetroFW or others. This is the biggest category.

    What are Retro devices?

  • SBC stands for single board computer. These devices include RetroPie devices, which run off a Raspberry Pi and other devices or cases for SBC's.

    What are SBC devices?

  • Android devices run on the operating system that most phones use. These devices include the Nvidia Shield Portable, select GPD devices and other dedicated retro devices running Android.

    What are Android devices?

  • GPD is also known as Gamepad digital. This brand is known for many quality portable devices like small Windows laptops, some made specifically for gaming. But they also make Android handhelds which can also be found in the Android category.

    What are GPD devices?

  • A PDA is a small form factor laptop or portable PC compairable to what GPD makes. Nowadays these look like phones with a slideable or hinged physical keyboard. Most of these currently run Android but aren't listed in the Android category.

    What are PDA devices?

  • Other devices don't fit in any of the other catagories so they're collected under this part of the site until there is a suitable category or a significant reason to make a change.

    What are Other devices?

  • Arcade devices are emulating devices that generally take a shape that tries to resemble an arcade machine. These often run custom or older firmware as there aren't many of these.

    What are Arcade devices?

  • Micro devices are emulating devices that are generally smaller than a human hand.




    What are Micro devices?

  • It's pretty straight forward. Many of these are from official companies who make smaller versions of their older consoles. These mostly emulate with some exceptions on the market.

    What are Mini Consoles?

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